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Let's talk frames

It was so special, that I bothered to print and put it on my wall


Tell us something about the Artwork you framed.

The photograph I got framed is the original release poster of the Martin Scorssese directed 1976 movie Taxi Driver. It's a shot of Robert Deniro as Travis Bickle, the protagonist, walking down the streets of New York. I have always been into movies, particularly the Movies by Martin Scorssese, and this image is not only one of the most iconic ones to ever be on celluloid, but it's also one of those images embedded deeply in my mind when it comes to his movies. Moreover, just as a particular painting on one's wall reflects the person's taste in art, a movie poster can reflect one's taste in films. So, when I had to think of an artwork for my home that would appropriately represent the kind of movies I love, I zeroed in on Taxi Driver.

Why do you prefer prints over digital media

Even though it's really convenient to store hundreds of images on your phone or a memory stick and access them whenever and wherever you want, it really does not do justice to those couple of special images that I really care about. How do I separate that special image from those 100s of MBs of content that are not that special to me? plus, I have to browse through the folders, locate the image, open the image, change the orientation and what not! But, a printed image is right there, I can just point to it! and people too will know that the picture was so special that I cared enough to print and put it on my wall.

Which frame out of the lot you liked the most

It's just a matter of personal choice. I chose a litho slim frame as it stood out among others when put together with the poster.

Something about Framebrew

It was really amazing to upload my own image to Framebrew website and see which frame suits my image, at real time. This is a great feature. Also, the printed and framed photo was delivered to me at my doorstep, tightly and safely wrapped with perfect finish.

Which photograph you might frame next

I am thinking about framing the poster of Satyajit Ray's classic, Apur Sansar.

- Abhishek Mukherjee | Software Engineer, Filmmaker

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