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Custom Photo Frames Online

Custom frame, Exactly the way you like it

Pick your ingredients and brew!

Tailor made custom photo frames online in India. A frame built exclusively for your artwork or photograph. View demo and personalize according to your needs. Quality frames and extraordinary craftsmanship. More affordable than the photo shop in your neighborhood.


Upload the artwork from your phone or computer. Our system will check for the resolution of the uploaded photograph and you are all set to view demo.


The magic happens here. We will create mockups to demonstrate how your artwork would look when it is framed with various different frames and sizes. Personalize according to your taste and Choose the one you like.


Enter your details and pay with our secured payment gateway. That's it! Now seat back and relax. We will print your artwork, frame it and dispatch next day.

Framing materials

Frame Moulding

Moulding is the basis of any photo frame. It gives your artwork the desired look and hold things together for years to come. That is the reason we pay a lot of attention while selecting our frame mouldings. Framebrew mouldings are mostly made of wood and plastic with superior top foil which makes them environment friendly and looks far more appealing than cheap frames.

Mount board

The main role of a mount board or mat board is to create a separation between the printed artwork and the protective glass. It also creates a sense of airiness in the frame. In a lot of occasions the mount board is used creatively to enhance the beauty of the photograph being framed. We use acid free 2.5mm mount boards with a soft texture to enhance and protect the artwork. You can also opt it out if needed so.

Acrylic glazing

We use 2mm cast grade acrylic for glazing which is more than five times costlier than glass. We still use it in place of glass because glass is very fragile and often breaks in transit. Cast grade acrylic has a very high level of clarity and it protects the artwork from dirt and UV light. It is also resistant to scratches and does not turn yellow with time like cheap acrylic. Clean the acrylic using a soft cotton cloth. You may damp the cloth with water if necessary. Keep the frame away from direct sunlights.

Backing board

A thick compressed wood backing board protects your artwork from dirt and debris.

Print quality

The print is the star of the show. We can't compromise here. Your photograph is printed on a 240 GSM resin coated paper by the industry leading large format printers with 10 color archival inks. The image is validated for resolution at the time of upload. The size of the print is calculated accordingly thereby minimizing the chance of a poor quality print.

Shop with confidence

We resort to the best suppliers for our raw materials. Cast grade acrylic glazing is used for superior clarity and to avoid breakage. Your payment transactions are secured with industry leading encryption technology. In spite of all these, if anything goes wrong, we would go that extra mile to make it right.

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