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Frequently asked questions

Common picture framing doubts

What would be the size of the final frame?

The size of the final frame can be calculated using this simple formula.

Frame height = print height + (2 x mat width) + (2 X frame thickness)
Frame width = print width + (2 x mat width) + (2 X frame thickness)

Thickness of a particular frame can be found in the demo page below the add to cart button. size of the frame calculated like this will be accurate upto +- 0.75 inches.

Do you include a glass in the frame?

No, we use 2mm cast grade acrylic instead of glass. Though it is a lot more expensive than glass, we still use it because glass has a tendency to break in transit.

The acrylic which we use has superior level of clarity than glass and is very scratch resistant. It does not turn yellow or foggy with time. Also, since it is lighter than glass, less pressure exerted on the the frame. For more information on the materials used, please visit this page.

How big can you frame?

Our online application is designed to take orders for print size upto 20"x30". This is because of some shipping limitations. However you may contact us for photo frames of larger size and we would be very happy to make and deliver the same to you. We can make photo frames of upto 3 feet wide and 6 feet tall.

The size options in the demo page are very few.

That is because the resolution of the image you are uploading is very less. Our system decides the maximum print size which you can get depending on the resolution of the uploaded photograph. It is designed that way to avoid poor quality prints. If you are sure that you have uploaded a high resolution picture, then please email us the photograph to care@framebrew.com.

That being said, there could be occasions where print size can be more important than the print quality. Please contact us in such cases, and would be very happy to assist you.

How long does it take for the custom photo frame to reach me?

In most of the cases the custom frame will be shipped within one or two working days after placing the order. You would receive a shipping confirmation email once your frame has been shipped. We ship our frames though premium courier providers like Fedex or Blue dart if the service is available at your location. It takes around 2-3 working days from the shipping date for all major cities for the package to be delivered.

We resort to other shipping partners like DTDC or Delhivery etc if the service from Fedex and Blue dart is not available in you location. It might take longer in those cases. Delivery at rural and suburban areas can induce some delay as well.

Please be informed that Framebrew is not responsible for any delay caused by the shipping partners. The transit time mentioned above is based on our experience. It is not in our hand to regulate or act on the delay induced by courier vendor. No refund or cancellation will be given to the customers for courier induced delays for upto 10 days in case of urban areas and 20 days for suburban and rural areas. If you do not receive your item by that time frame, then you may contact us for a refund.

Can you put a glass in my canvas frame?

The beauty of a canvas print lies in the texture of the fabric. Adding a glass will diminish that charm. That is the reason we do not put glass or acrylic in a canvas frame.

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