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Table top picture frames

Photo frames for your home and office

Table top collection

Adorn your office desk, bedside table or wall shelves with our small yet elegant table top photo frames. These are perfectly sized for desk top use. We have three different size and frame options to choose from. What more? The same archival quality print is included in price!

Size availability


Small, lovable and personal. Best suited for putting a family photograph in your office desk. Works great as gifts for friends and colleagues.


Small yet notable. It will definitely find a place on the top of your shelve. A must have for your wall set.


You can use this photo frame for table top use, put it in show cases or even mount it in your wall. Works perfectly well in both ways.

Choose your frame


Simple, pure and elegant. This is a bright white frame with a slick profile. Ideal for photographs with bright colors. It gives you picture a modern look. Use it with or without mat to get the desired presentation.


Artists favourite. This frame has a polished wooden texture with a very minimum sheen to it. Looks great with black and white pictures and color paintings. Some color photographs will also look nice in this frame. Recommended to use with a white mat.


Timeless classic. Most popular among all. It has a smooth finish with some faint linings. Almost every type of photograph and artwork will look great in this frame. Adding a mat is recommended.

Add a mat

Adding a mat to your photograph or artwork enhances the aesthetics of the entire frame. We recommend including it in most of the cases. A mat not only highlights the artwork, but it creates a depth effect which is also visually pleasing.

Shop with confidence

We resort to the best suppliers for our raw materials. Finished frames are shipped through the best courier service available. Your payment transactions are secured with industry leading encryption technology. In spite of all these, if anything goes wrong, we would go that extra mile to make it right.

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